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May 2010

Recent New Alex Tricks

I haven’t done this kind of an update in a bit, so here goes…

  • Words: Dog, Up, Nana (Banana), Look, Book, Goat, Duck, Hi, Yeah, Mama, Dada
  • Waving: He waves like mad at all sorts of things, but especially if you wave at him. And if he waves and someone waves back he enjoys that very much.
  • Clapping: His Grandmother always clapped to him on his video chats. About a week ago he started clapping back. Now he claps all the time.
  • Pointing: About a week ago he started pointing at things that he is interested in. He will point at an airplane and track it across the sky. He will point at something across the room and continue to point straight at him as you carry him toward it until he can touch it. He will also just generally point where he wants to go when he is being carried.
  • Light Switches: He can reliably turn light switches off. He can sometimes turn them back on, but it is much harder. There is a switch by his changing table, and he almost always turns it off as soon as we sit him down there.
  • Steps: He can climb up steps with ease. Today for the first time he climbed all the way from downstairs to upstairs. He can’t quite do going DOWN stairs in a controlled way, so of course someone is always right there with him.

More to come before long I’m sure. And I’m sure I forgot some as well.

Siblings Getting Coffee (uh, or other drinks)

Taken 2010 May 4 21:11 UTC by Brandy Donaghy

Sam and Alex Video Chatting with Cynthia

Taken 2010 May 4 02:19 UTC

Alex says Let Me Out!

Taken 2010 May 2 03:37 UTC by Brandy Donaghy

Final Test Tonight

Giving up for tonight. Hopefully what I have now should work for Facebook but not Twitter if tonight’s pattern holds. And it doesn’t hit LinkedIn like did. But was messing up the links (via Superfeedr) so whatever. It is late. I may revisit this again someday when I have more time. For now, it is what it is.

Bleh, Another Test - Or Two

Yeah, yeah, yeah, test me!

Sorry, More Testing

I think I’m close to done for now though. Sorry bout these.

Another Test

That last way of doing things worked for Facebook but not Twitter. Looks like lots of people are having a similar issue with Twitterfeed recently. Trying something else. Bleh.

Annoying Testing

It seems like the stuff I had been using to feed my blog to Twitter and my Facebook status has been acting up and sending links to stuff other than just the plain old link to my blog post, often making those links useless. It also missed at least one post, perhaps more. So I’m trying to switch things back to Twitterfeed to see if that works better, even if it takes longer to propagate since it only checks for new posts every 30 minutes instead of the almost immediate of We’ll see. This post is primarily just to see if it is working. If not, there may be more tests before long. Bleh. If it works though, no more tests, I’ll just post normally again.

Oh, and I still have the Facebook import into “notes” going too. The delay between me posting and it showing up varies wildly from a few hours to over a week, which is annoying, but more people seem to comment on those that anything else, so I’ll leave it.

Amy and Zenia in the School Play

Taken: 2010 May 1 03:37 UTC