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March 2010


I should have been asleep hours ago. Instead, I kept unsuccessfully banging my head against a problem with a wireless printer/scanner all-in-one thingamabob. (A few days ago it had all been working perfectly, now Image Capture can’t find the scanner part on the network even though the printer part is still working fine… I have been trying to figure out what changed so as to put it back how it was, but I have failed so far.)

I had finally decided to give up and go to sleep, but of course I checked my various news sources first, which led me to notice that the Large Hadron Collider First Physics Webcast was going on, so I’ve been watching that since then. I really should be asleep. Four hours until I have to get up to get ready for work. Bleh.

But hey, live streaming Physics! :-)

Seeing the Light

2010 Feb 28 03:29 UTC

Pope Ivan the Second

In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner…

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Poetry Feedback
  • Healthcare Fallout
  • Catholic Abuse Scandal

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The Elephant in the Stairwell

2010 Feb 26 02:41 UTC

House: Season One: Disk Two

A little while ago it was time for another DVD we own but hadn’t watched, and it was specifically time for more of House: Season One, which I’d gotten for Christmas.

This disk has episodes 5-8 of Season One. At this point we’re pretty on track with the standard House formula. You know, two or three wrong diagnoses before getting to the right one in the last few minutes of the episode, with of course some drama between the characters and House being an ass the whole time. It is fun to watch, but you can’t deny it is pretty formulaic.

Here we had one episode about a sick nun, one with a teenager taking care of his mentally ill mother, one about a woman who can only be cured if she admits she had an affair, and one with mysterious poison.

Of these, I think Episode 6, the one with the teenager and his mother, was the most fun. In any case, another four episodes of House. Good show. Good disk. Amy was anxious to just move on and start the next disk of this series, but it was something else’s turn first…

End of the Visit

2010 Feb 25 15:12 UTC

Colds All Around

All four humans in the house have fun exciting colds of varying degrees of intensity. Some started almost two weeks ago and are still hanging on. Others are just getting started. There is lots of coughing and sneezing and such. I’m sure there are some allergies in the mix too. So much excitement! Yum!


No fancy video, but I thought I’d pass along that last night when Amy was making some funny faces and noises for Alex, Alex responded by imitating and doing the exact same thing back, which caused Amy to yelp and squeal and hop with joy, which caused Alex to get a huge smile on his face and jump and hop and giggle. The two of them proceeded to go back and forth with who was doing the odd smacking motions and sounds with their mouth, and who was laughing and giggling and squealing. This lasted probably a good fifteen minutes before Alex got bored and decided he would rather do something else. :-)

Handing off the Winkle

2010 Feb 25 03:59 UTC

In His Room

Last night was Alex’s first night sleeping all by himself in his own room rather than just a foot or two from Mom. Right now he is working on night number two in his room.

This may be a small milestone for Alex, but I think it is an even bigger milestone for Mom. :-)