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November 2003

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I’m posting this from my new phone. Just because I can!

Changes for Sam

Just a quick update on Sam’s life and situation. On September 17th, as I aluded to on this blog but did not talk about specifically, I was told that when the current round of reorganizations in my group was done my job would be eliminated as the group (Marketing) would no longer need to type of work I do (helping business groups analyze tech projects and work with both business and technical groups to develop requirements and get those projects built). I was told at that time to prepare myself and start looking for other possibilities.

I couldn’t complain too much, because I’d been saying they should do that for a long time. The type of work I do, and the type of work the organization did and was interested in started to greatly diverge back in 2000 with a few management changes back then. I have not been a good “fit” with my organization since then, and have not been particularly happy in my position, aside from a few brief periods. It is now very much a true “Marketing” organization, and anybody who knows me could tell you right away I don’t belong in Marketing. So this is in the long term good. I needed the kick in the pants to move on.

Well, it took them long enough, a month and a half, but today was the official day. I was called in and given my severance package, and am now officially “between positions”. Based on my length of service, the severance will essentially be my full pay for just under five months. It could have been a bit better, but also could have been a bit worse. That will last me through March even if I am not frugal, longer if I am smart about excess expenses.

Over the last month I have been talking to various people I know about possible spots. The two that would have had me actually stay at the same company have both fallen through as of today. I am also speaking to two external companies who seem interested. If one of those works out, great. If not I’ll be hitting my network of friends again, and the recruiters and job boards.

The current version of my resume is here. So if any of you are hiring for anything like this, or know of someone who is, especially within a 45 minute drive or so of Yardley, PA (northeast of Philly, near the New Jersey border) then please let me know!

Anyway, while I have been prepared for over a month, and all my stuff was packed up and taken home long ago, this still kind of sucks. But hey, it will be better in the long run I’m sure. But this in between part will be a bit annoying I’m sure. Either that, or a lot of fun. We shall see. :-)

I’m going to have a decent amount of free time, so if any of you want to come over and visit, or have lunch or dinner or drinks or anything like that, please give me a call or an email, I’d love to see you all.

Thanks everybody! Keep in touch!