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January 2004

Nala Boce Uboo-boo Minter

There is a new member of the family this morning. He is hiding in the green leaves in his terrarium. Oops. Now he’s up on his branch. He was green a minute ago, now he is brown.

Amy (Brandy’s daughter), with a little help from mom, got me an Anole. They were going to get me a Hermit Crab, but the pet stores all were out. But it was good. Whenever I’ve done the Pet Selector my #1 choice has always come out as an anole.

And it is so cute!!!

Cynthia suggested we name him by doing the Abulsme permutation. Anole turns into Nlaoe which when you add the extra letters for pronuncability becomes Nalaboce. (Well, it could be Nalaobe, but I did it quickly last night.) So we decided that was Nala Boce.

Amy thought some more name was in order, so started trying things out. We were working in a text file on my computer. Amy was the last one to work on the file.

This morning, I found “nala boce uboo-boo” written in the file.

So Nala Boce Uboo-boo will be the anoles name. We will probably call him Nala. Um… or her. I don’t really know if it is a him or a her and haven’t researched how to tell yet. Nala sounds like a girl’s name. So lets say she.

So welcome to Nala Boce Uboo-boo Minter. Thank you Amy!

Green Anole

The green anole is a relative common lizard, slight in build, with a narrow head and a long, slender tail that can be twice as long as the rest of the animal. Color can vary from gray-brown, to brown, to bright green; each animal can change its color to blend with surroundings. Males can have a noticeable dewlap that is pink when displayed. Commonly referred to as a “chameleon” due to its ability to change color, but not a true chameleon.

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