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January 2004

Content Management Still Growing

Well, more companies are still buying Content Management Systems. This should be a good thing for my career prospects, since figuring out how to make these things work in a way that makes sense both technically and for the actual users is kind of what I have been doing the last few years, and most likely, will relate to things I do in the future.

Commentary: Clear thinking on content management
(Nicholas Wilkoff, Forrester Research on CNET)

Thirty-two percent of North American companies planned purchases of content management technologies in 2003. At the same time, the market has seen a mass of acquisitions and consolidation by the vendors, as evident from IBM’s purchase of Green Pasture Software.

(via Google News Alert on “Content Managment”)

A decent article on some things that matter toward choosing a platform to use. But as I have mentioned before, another very important question is “Do you need it at all?” as in many cases, you really don’t. Then if you do really need it, most of the platforms out there can do good things. But careful implementation is vital. Limit scope, keep things as clean and simple as possible, only add complications or diverge from the out of the box product when absolutley necessary. It is very easy for these projects to suffer from over broad scope, and get bogged down. But with careful control, content management can be a great thing…

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