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January 2004

Might it Get Fun?

It looks like things are getting tighter in Iowa the last few days. (But Gephardt? PLEASE!) Since Iowa is first, that has been all over the news. But it has also been percolating that it is closing up in New Hampshire. Here is the latest….

Clark gaining on Dean in N.H.
(Thomas Fitzgerald and Dana Hull, Philadelphia Inquirer)

“There was a 13-percentage-point gap between Clark and Dean on Jan. 11, an 8-percentage-point gap on Jan. 12 and a 4-percentage-point gap on Jan. 13,” pollster American Research Group said on its Web site. The telephone survey of at least 600 likely primary voters had an error margin of 4 points.

“If the trend to Clark continues, Clark could be leading the race by the end of the weekend,” ARG president Dick Bennett said via e-mail. “Even if Dean holds his core support, Clark could tie and move in front of Dean in New Hampshire before the results from Iowa are known.”

Of course, what I really hope for is a situation where there are still several viable candidates going into the convention, and the candidate is chosen by the convention like it is SUPPOSED to happen… and so that states late on the schedule actually matter in the process.

I guess that is still unlikely, but I can hope. These things are generally wrapped up by early March though. But it is at least looking like it might not be a complete run away by Dean, which would be boring. (Not to mention he has no chance of winning against Bush unless Bush implodes.)

Only a few days left until the oddness that is Iowa. Can’t wait to watch!

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