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May 2004


As of yesterday, the paperwork has been signed by all parties, and I have a contract on the sale of my house in PA. Yea! It is less than I had hoped, but right about where I had expected really. I’m selling it for more than I bought it, only 9 months later… and without having done any improvements on the house really… It is selling for enough more than I owe that I’ll get a check back at closing, even after all the fees and such are deducted. (Although not that BIG a check.) It isn’t enough to completely make up for the closing costs on buying the place last year though, but that deficit should be covered by my relocation agreement with the new company.

In the end, when all is totaled, including my relocation agreement, it should be a wash, and I’ll be essentially restored to the financial position I was in right before buying the house in PA. (Or close anyway, I guess I racked up some additional debt in the last nine months too. Oops. But that is unrelated to the house.

So, things move along. I’m checking out a house owned by Ivan’s family on Monday, and will probably end up renting that as an interum place. Then we’ll close on the PA house, probably sometime in July. After that, I’ll feel free to move forward on buying in Florida, once it is clear EXACTLY what I have in my pocket, and once there would not have to be any contingincies on the sale of my current place.

I’ll be continuing the back and forth thing, flying down to Florida and back every other week, for another month or so. Then Amy’s school year will be over, and we’ll all move down there. Once we’re all down there, things will be a lot nicer. This back and forth is crazy!

Busy times!