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June 2004

Another Stike for Tivo

I love my Tivo to death, and hope to buy two more DirecTV / Tivo combo boxes before the end of this year (one regular, one HDTV). It is still the best thing out there in terms of PVRs. But as a business, they keep getting strikes against them. Poor Tivo.

DirecTv Sold Stake in TiVo
(WSJ Online quoted by Shark73 on TivoCommunity)

In a research note Tuesday, William Blair & Co. analyst David Farina said DirecTV sold its entire 3.5 million stake in TiVo shares Monday night for about $7.20 a share. Spokesmen for both TiVo and DirecTV weren’t immediately available to comment on the reported sale, which comes shortly after Eddy Hartenstein, vice chairman of DirecTV, stepped down from TiVo’s board of directors.

(Full Disclosure, I own ONE WHOLE SHARE of Tivo stock. Oh, I probably should have disclosed on the last post too. I own one share of Apple as well. :-) )

Another Cool Apple Thing

I unfortunately have no immediate need for this, and there are other things (many other things) on the priority list anyway, but hey, it is cool.

AirPort Express

Enjoy your iTunes music library in virtually any room of your house. Share a single broadband Internet connection and USB printer without inconvenient and obtrusive cables. Create an instant wireless network on the go. Extend the range of your current wireless network. How many devices do you need to do all this? Just one.

Oh, by the way, did I mention here that my mom did go ahead and get a 12″ Powerbook fully loaded? Boy am I jealous! Powerbook is way down on the list to spend money on at the moment too. Maybe by the end of the year or early next year.

Sam and Brandy and Amy’s Moving Days

I emailed this to some folks yesterday, but thought I would post it as well. :-)

Hi all! A bunch of you have asked lately, and many more of you haven’t, but just thought I would update you all and beg for a little help. The update is for everyone. The plea for help is really only for the people who live near me, although some from farther away have offered help and would be most welcome.

Anyway, the update first… I’m on my last week in Florida before Brandy, Amy and I actually MOVE to Florida. I fly back up Friday. Then it is packing packing packing. Which goes into 100% mode after Amy’s school finishes on Tuesday. After much debate, we decided to go the UHaul route again instead of professional movers. Saves a bunch of cash which we can use on other things. So over the weekend we’ll be loading up the truck, then Monday morning we’ll drive the truck full of stuff, plus one of Brandy’s cars full of pets down to Florida.

Then probably one last trip to PA on the 30th to actually sign all the papers to close on the house and possibly bring back Brandy’s backup car. Then we will be Floridians!!!

The job is going great and all that too. :-) A tree in the back yard of the house we are staying in did fall over on Sunday, but it didn’t hit the house, so we still have a place to stay. Yea! :-) In general, things are going well, and slowly falling into place down here. As the final move approaches things are getting more and more hectic and stressful, but hey, that is part of the process.

OK, now the plea. Yup, helping us load the truck and stuff. Those of you who have helped me move in the past will recoil in horror. (See the story of Putrid Rotting Fruit.) But Brandy has tamed me somewhat, and there won’t be live bugs this time. Well… probably some crickets for my lizard to eat. :-) And I’ve actually thrown away a lot of junk! Promise! Anyway, those of you far away obviously can’t come to help us load the truck, but anybody close by who is willing and able, we would much appreciate added hands to get everything loaded. (Hopefully everything will be packed by then.) We’ll provide food, refreshing beverages and entertainment!

We’ll be doing the truck loading Saturday the 19th. (Picking the truck up in the morning, loading in the afternoon.) If we don’t finish the 19th, we’ll continue on Sunday the 20th. But the 19th should be the big day. Once we’re all done, we’ll be ready to hit the road at the next opportune moment.

The big loading day is a week from Saturday. If anybody thinks they can come, please let me know via email. We appreciate all the help we can get. Once we get to the Florida end, I expect we’ll be doing it by ourselves. Don’t know anybody well enough yet down here to beg for help. :-)

Anyway, thanks in advance! We appreciate it!