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October 2004

Last Word: Plagzabooie

One last word about the data loss thing from last night. (Well, at least until I put out the September and October email results.)

Losing 2000 emails of current vintage that I hadn’t yet “dealt with” including personal stuff, some business stuff (house stuff and the like) and a lot of messages I use for task management and the like threw me into a major psychological tailspin from which I am just starting to recover. But there is an important thing to remember. When it comes to obsessive compulsive things like saving every email I have sent or recieved since 1993 (including spam) I am just a tad… I say a tad… neurotic. And I know this. I know that the level to which I get upset is a bit beyond where it should be on a rational basis. I am working on that. I am getting better at these things. I am trying to keep a positive attitude and move forward without forever dwelling on the couple minutes where I could have prevented it. Having said that though, I know I still overreact.

And, as part of that, I want to publicly apologize to Chris.

Although I was actually trying to be “good” when talking (OK, IMing) with him about the difficulties last night, it has been pointed out to me that I did not actually succeed and ended up being very insensitive. Given my mental state at the time, I guess that is no surprise. I was so wrapped up in my own little neurotic disaster to properly acknoledge the great lengths Chris had gone to, with many many hours without sleep, to try to salvage the situation. And to the fact that while I lost a bunch of stuff, with perhaps a few exceptions, if I wasn’t quite as psycho about my mail, very little of it was truly “important” to anybody but me. (Although it WAS very important to me.) Meanwhile, both Rebecca and Chris lost lots of data as well. And much of Chris’s was work related. And, as with mine, there most often was not a way to recover it.

I’m sorry Chris. I *do* realize the amount of work you did, having done that kind of emergency repair work a few times on my own when drives have failed. I realize how stressful it is, and how heartbreaking it is to even be in that situation, and to know there is a lot you will not be able to get back. And I recognize that you have both lost a lot of value as well.

Last night when we IMed I was too wrapped up in my own loss to be sensitive to the work you had done, or your own loss. Most of my anger and frustration was actually directed at myself for having let my own routine backup strategy lapse. Once upon a time I had automatic daily backups of everything that mattered. I let that slip away. I also up until the very last second if I had been thinking could have just made a local backup “just in case”. I did not. And that is my fault, not yours. And regardless of that, I should have been commiserating in our mutual loss and thanking you for your hard work, rather than just being snippy.

I humbly apologize.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Well, as devastated as I am by the loss of about 2000 emails I hadn’t yet responded to (and a few I hadn’t even read), I have this fact to brighten my day:

While my main inbox was essentially wiped, I *have* been able to salvage and restore approximately 20,000 saved spam emails that had been automatically routed to a different folder that did not have time to syncronize before I shut my mail program down to stop the syncing.



More seriously, I can look at this and say that this is probably one of the worst things that have happened to me in at least five years, if not more. And then I can look at this and say *THIS* is one of the worst things that have happened to me in about five years. Wow. I am very lucky and very fortunate. In the grand scheme of things, as much as this kind of thing upsets me, this little incident is almost irrelevant.

Emails that I save compulsively were lost, but hey, most people just delete theirs anyway. We went through hurricanes but still have a place to live and didn’t lose much. I got laid off but within months (and before the money ran out) had a new and better job. I had to move almost 1000 miles, further away from family and friends than ever before, but I found Brandy and Amy and they wanted to go with me, and I am not alone.

No, I have it pretty damn good.

And last night, when I was having my obsessive compulsive fit and was freaking out and breaking down and showing my depression, Brandy pulled out what was supposed to be a Christmas present, and to cheer me up gave it to me early. A white labcoat with “Abulsme Noibatno Itramne” embroidered onto it in the area where the name goes. A prefect mad-scientist labcoat! Through everything else that was going on, it made me smile.

Can it get any better than that?

If You Emailed Me, Please Resend!!

Hello everybody! If you’ve sent me email recently and haven’t gotten a response… I’m sorry, see below!

Due to a server meltdown, I lost all email sent to me from about September 15th to the present… and because I was way behind on email due to having a slow internet connection at the moment, plus having had several hurricanes to worry about, plus being busy with the family and new job, I was way behind on answering or sometimes even reading those emails… anyway, about 2000 emails were wiped out without a trace… (I had a local copy of all of them on my own computer, but as soon as it tried to syncronize with the melted down server, all the emails were lost, something I had not anticipated, and so hadn’t made provisions for.)

So if you sent me any emails in that time and have not yet gotten a response, my apologies. It is my fault for taking so long to respond to begin with, but now I don’t even have the email to respond to, and don’t know for sure who all emailed me at the time…

Anyway, point is, if you sent me any emails during that time period and still have a copy of them in your sent mail folders or anything like that, please forward them back to me and I will respond as quickly as I can, and I apologize greatly for not having responded earlier….

(I’d also like to reconstitute as much as my mail archive as possible, so if you have copies of other emails from other people that I was cc’d on please send me those too, so I can answer them as well! Or emails you sent and don’t actually want answers to as well. And while I would love NEW emails too, if you do have a copy of whatever you sent before, that would be MUCH APPRECIATED.)

Thanks everybody. I’ll be very grateful for any emails you are able to forward back to me! (For those familiar with my monthly email contests, emails forwarded back to me from the time period mentioned WILL be counted toward that…)

And for that matter, just to talk to some of you again! It has been awhile for some of you!

(Oh yeah, the address will be back soon, but for the moment, please use this address. Thanks.)

Talk to you all soon!