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March 2005

Open Waters

So as of a few days ago the pool was finally clear of all the muck that had been left in it by the previous owners. And we got the pool care lesson from the pool people that cleaned the pool. And so for the last week Brandy has been finishing up the final bits and cleaning it and balancing the chemicals and such every day. We haven’t got the pool heater set up yet. It is out of fuel and we haven’t called to get it refilled yet. But it is a lovely blue clor now and it looks pretty clean.

So, today, while looking at it, I waited for no golfers to be on the tee right next to our house, then while standing next to Brandy, I just stepped off the edge into the deep end… fully clothed. I didn’t stay in long. Just about 15 seconds as I swam from the deep end to the shallow end then got out…. standing completely and totally drenched in long pants and a button down shirt… at least until I was able to get out of the soaked clothes and into a bathrobe. But hey, the pool is now officially open!!!

About an half hour later, we let Amy swim too. Um, also fully clothed. We had been planninng on leaving to run some errands and didn’t want to actually get all into pool mode. But we let her in her clothes and she has been swimming for over half an hour now. It is a little chilly still. Pool water temp is only 63 degrees. But once you are in for a few minutes you get used to it. She is having a blast. We are going to enjoy this pool a lot I think. Especially once it is just a little bit warmer.

I am very tempted to get back in and swim and play a little. Not fully clothed again though. That felt icky. Of course, my preference by far is skinny dipping. Not a big fan of swim suits if I can avoid them. They are icky. :-) But Brandy says with the 17th tee of the golf course only 10 feet away and such that would be a bad idea, so suits may have to be involved at least some of the time. Drat. Oh well, we’ll work something out I am sure. :-)

But anyway, pool is open!! Woo! Time for more fun swimming!