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November 2005

Treos STILL Don’t Swim

Um, so, well, I was walking down the hall last night and I heard a splashing noise. I turned around. Brandy was about 5 steps behind me. About one step behind me was a bucket and mop which had recently been being used to mop the floor.

Sam: “What was that?”
Brandy: “You kicked the bucket!”
Sam: “Are you sure you didn’t throw anything in there? It sounded like you threw something in there.”
Brandy: “No, I didn’t throw anything, you kicked it.”
Sam: “OK”

Then I thought nothing of it for the next half hour or so while I walked the dog.

Then I needed to make a phone call.

I could not find my phone.

We started calling my phone from Brandy’s, cause we always do that when I put it some random place in the house. Nothing.

We start retracing my steps following where I had walked the dog. But it was cold and I had no jacket on, so I decided to make one last sweep of the house before looking outside.

As I am looking around in the bedroom I hear from the other room…

Brandy: “O! Sam!”
Sam: “You found it?!?”
Brandy: “Yes.”
Sam: “Where was it?”
Brandy: “I don’t think you want to know.”

And yes, indeed, it was in the bucket of dirty mop water, where it had been soaking for over half an hour. And yes, I had managed while simply walking through the house, to have the Treo fall off my belt clip over the one square foot out of thousands of square feet in the house where there was water to fall into. Yes, that is me.

My sister says I need to take better care of my cell phones, cause she has had one for over four years and is on the same phone. Me on the other hand, I think my lifetime record was a cellphone that lasted a year. And that one after six months I had smashed the screen in my car door, and for the second six months I couldn’t read the screen, but kept it because the phone calling part still worked.

Good thing we bought the $4 a month replacement insurance thing.

So at the moment I am using Brandy’s phone and Brandy is using Amy’s phone and Amy is using no phone, while the phone sits on a counter drying to dry off. The last one though I rescued after mere seconds, removed the battery right away, etc. This one soaked for half an hour.

I didn’t think the odds were good when I dropped it in the pool a couple months ago, but it eventually fully recovered. I am thinking my odds this time are very very slim.

I may give in and just pay the $50 deductable and get a new phone. But then I would have to give up on the old phone and mail it back to them. I kinda want to give the phone a fighting chance before I give up on it! So maybe I’ll let it dry awhile.

Of course the whole everybody trying to call me going straight to voicemail and everyone trying to call Brandy getting me and everyone trying to call Amy getting Brandy probably won’t work for all that long…