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October 2006

DVD: The Third Man

It has been almost a month now, I have been so negligent. But I did watch a DVD! The Third Man had arrived from Netflix way back in something like February. In all the stuff that was going on it sat and sat and sat and never got watched. One night while Amy was off with friends Brandy and I sat down to watch it.

Brandy was… how shall we say it… underwhelmed. Thought basically nothing happened and it was very slow. Which of course it was. It is basically an atmosphere movie. Black and white. Moody. Very slowly developing and unwinding. And of course without a happy ending.

Given that, I actually liked it. This is the second time I have seen it. A number of years ago Ron sent me a version of it and I watched it. The one Ron had sent me was from before the resoration though. This time I watched the restored rereleased version and the quality difference was amazing. They did an incredible job. In any case, although I must admit I did briefly fall asleep at one point, it was not because of the movie, it was because I was very tired. I wouldn’t watch this movie all that many times, but I did like it.

Of course, a BIG part of why I liked it was the music. (Short sample of the zither music here.) I really was mesmerized by the soundtrack. That is the part of the movie that really grabbed me the most.

Gotta love the zither.

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