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November 2006

DVD: The Butteryfly Effect (Director’s Cut)

In the evening after the tragic events of last weekend, nobody could sleep, so we watched a movie. This was also the first movie I have watched on our projector since the bulb expired a very long time ago. It is now up and mounted on the ceiling with a new bulb. It is now a bit old and there are nicely better ones out there for reasonable prices. A replacement with full 1080p resolution is probably on the agenda for 2007… but for now this is very nice to have again.

Anyway, the movie… I knew absolutely nothing about it before starting it. It was from Brandy’s Netflix list. When I saw Ashton Kutcher come on the screen I despaired, cause basically I’ve never liked him in anything… but I was pleasantly surprised. Later on in the movie I was thinking “Ashton Kutcher can act! Who knew?”.

The general theme… being able to think hard enough about it and go back in time to critical moments to change things… but then watch out for the unpredictable consequences… was perhaps not the best theme given the circumstances under which we were watching the movie. Because of course I desperately wanted to go back just a few hours… but that aside, I am a sucker for time travel movies… I really got sucked in and liked this.

It was the Director’s Cut we watched. Apparently there are quite a few minutes of explanatory material that help things make more sense. But more importantly, apparently the ending is completely different. Having only read about the version as it was theatrically released, I can’t do a good side by side comparison. (Well, the original version was also on the DVD, but I don’t care quite enough to go watch it too.) But just from reading about it on the Wikipedia page, it seems the Director’s Cut ending is much more powerful.

Anyway… liked the movie. Glad I saw it. Worth a rental for sure.