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February 2007

Sick Girls

As I write Amy is missing a sleepover for the Middle School girls at her school. She is very upset about that. But with a fever over 100 degrees for the third straight day (or is it fourth now?), that just wasn’t going to happen. Two nights ago her fever briefly spiked to 104, and based on the advice of her doctor and Brandy’s mom (a nurse) she was about to be stuck in the Emergency Room for the evening if it didn’t come down within the hour or so. It did, so no ER. But we’re still in a “sick” mode. Temperatures are less than they were, but still often over 100. Meds would knock the temperature down a couple degrees, then they would climb up again over the next few hours until it was time to take more meds.

There is a nasty flu sort of thing going around school. According to an email that went out yesterday, about 10% of the students are out sick right now. The email was pleading with parents to please keep their kids home from school (and the sleepover) if they seemed like they were getting sick, so as to try to keep the other kids healthy. Of course, even at her sickest Amy was pleading to please go to school. She really likes school. Which is good. But with those 102 degree fevers and the like… no.

One of the other kids who is very sick is the other girl who was at the mall with Amy last Saturday and who slept over that night. They are thinking she’s gotten a pneumonia type thing out of it as well. Fun. We think Amy caught it from her last weekend but no signs of pneumonia yet in Amy.

Amy’s still sick but getting better. Hopefully her friend is getting better too.

Brandy has been off and on running a fever too but mostly managing to keep functional. I haven’t yet… but I fully expect that within the next few days I’ll be struck down too. Once this kind of thing gets in a house, unless you’re really lucky, everybody ends up getting it at some point.

Urgh. I just coughed. Here it comes! :-/

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