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April 2007

DVD: Yours, Mine & Ours

I’m going to start linking to Wikipedia for these instead of Netflix. Just more info there.

Anyway, Amy wanted to watch a DVD last night. I looked at the last 10 DVD’s I’d watched… 4 of them were Brandy picked movies, 2 were Sam picks, 2 were picked by my mom when she was visiting, 1 was a Doctor Who, and 1 was an Amy pick. So it was either time for an Amy pick or a Doctor Who. So Amy had her pick, and this was it this time.

This is a remake of a 1968 movie by the same name. I’ve never seen that version, but I of course added it to my ever growing Netflix list. This version was another typical Amy chosen movie. A family romantic comedy sort of thing. Brady Bunch meets Cheaper by the Dozen plus a dose of the Odd Couple. One family is a bunch of disgusting slobs, the other are what seemed to me to be good well behaved kids, but I think were supposed to be a little too uptight. In any case, they clash they plot to break up their parents, they succeed, and then they are sorry, and in the end everybody is one big happy family.

The movie was cute if formulaic. I didn’t regret watching it. No need to see it again though.

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