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January 2009

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Out with the Old

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Game? What Game?
  • Windows vs Mac (Again)
  • Steve Jobs and Apple
  • Ditching in the Hudson
  • Goodbye to W
  • Hello to Obama

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Welcome to (what will be) Air Force One

(A clip from On Board Air Force One via ThinkProgress)

Manditory MLK Day 2009 Viewing

This morning I woke up as usual and banged on Amy’s door to let her know it was one hour until we had to leave for school. Moments later, she appeared, indignant, to let me know there was no school today and she was going back to sleep.

Having thus been reminded that it is Martin Luther King Jr day, as if the TV wasn’t mentioning it enough, I went to watch the two most memorable speeches that, I at least, seem to watch or listen to at least once a year. I’m sure everybody is seeing them everywhere today, as every single outlet is taking the time to mention the historical threads connecting MLK with tomorrow’s inauguration. Nevertheless, here they are:

I know I’m a sap, but both of these really get to me every time I listen to them.

W’s Invisible Farewell

When W gave his farewell speech a few days ago I was out and about doing other things, so I did not see it live. As I started catching up on my Google Reader backlog after my mom left, I figured I’d find it embedded on dozens of different feeds I read. In fact, now that I’ve caught up, I know there were a number that quoted the transcript, in part or in full, there were a few that commented on it (most in passing, noting how nobody cared or just a few stray thoughts about it), but nobody embedded the video, not even on the right wing blogs I read. I’m sure there are other places that did embed it, just not any of the places I monitor. And that surprised me a bit, although I guess it is an indication of just how much people are anxious to just get on with things and stop thinking about the past.

Of course, just a couple of seconds on Google found it, so here it is:

Hmmm. After watching it, it probably got just about the right amount of attention. It is pretty unmemorable.