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October 2010

Kindle Ratio for 7 Oct 2010: 55%

So, having finished a book lately, time for another updated Kindle ratio. (I did the counting a few days before actually getting the post done, thus this being the ratio for the 7th not the 10th.) This is basically what percentage of the last 20 books I have read are available on Kindle. Last time I updated this this percentage went over 50% for the first time, thus triggering my determination that I “officially wanted a Kindle”. There were a couple of books already in the queue though, but this meant that my method of determining what I read next would now be biased toward books available on Kindle, and the first time a Kindle book was scheduled, I would go ahead and order the Kindle.

The book I finished prior to regenerating these stats was still a physical book though. As will be the next book finished. After that though, it has now been determined, a Kindle book. So the Kindle was ordered and is now in my hands. Woo! This means though that from this point forward my “Kindle Ratio” will be biased since my method of choosing books will be biased. It might still be interesting to see how long it takes this to get to 100% though, as my system does still allow me to pick non-Kindle books in several different situations. So for at least a little while, I’ll keep doing these updates. Until I get bored anyway. For now, we hold steady at 55%, or 11 out of the last 20 books I’ve read available on Kindle.