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December 2012

@abulsme tweets from 2012-12-01 (UTC)

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  • RT @open_zion: Clinton: "Without peace, the inexorable path of demography will force Israel to choose between being a democracy and a Je … 03:12:09
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  • Reading – A Plausible Endgame To The Fiscal Cliff That Would Actually Be Fantastic For The Economy… (Joe Weisenthal) 05:03:21
  • Reading – I Was Wrong (david, App Cubby) 05:24:48
  • .@drbarnard For the record, I clicked the ad not knowing what it was, was annoyed by the ad, then bought something to make it go away. 05:27:52
  • .@drbarnard But in the end, instead of getting one thing, I got the Ultimate Bundle. I will probably never use any of it though. 05:28:44
  • .@drbarnard But when I thought for a minute, I figured, I use this app every day, several times a day. I will support the developer. 05:29:30
  • .@drbarnard So thanks for Timer. I appreciate it. 05:30:07
  • RT @drbarnard: @abulsme thanks for confirming. And for the purchase! 05:31:20
  • RT @drbarnard: @abulsme Hope you find a way to get some value out of it down the road. 05:31:22
  • .@drbarnard I set one custom sound, just to try it. I likely won’t use the customizations often, but was happy to support the app. in reply to drbarnard 05:33:08
  • Reading – 1876: Just vote as many times as you want there, sir. (Janet, At Times Dull) 05:54:26
  • Reading – Will Republicans Call Obama's Non-Bluff? (Andrew Sullivan) 15:49:55
  • In my seat as a PCO for the 2012 Snohomish Co WA GOP Org Meeting. Won't live tweet it, but should be interesting… I feel out of place. :-/ 16:34:19
  • Nice -> Reading – A new paradigm for international relations: Confusionism (Stephen M. Walt) 16:44:37
  • Reading – Most Valuable Grandparents (Andrew Sullivan) 16:54:54
  • Reading – Fiscal Cliff Fictions: Let’s All Agree to Pretend the GOP Isn’t Full of It (Michael Grunwald) 20:33:34
  • Reading – Syrian internet access mostly restored, for now (Jon Fingas) 20:36:32
  • We are now almost four hours in, and the meeting just finished electing the first of four county wide positions. Fun! 20:53:45
  • Oh yeah, two out of four a little bit ago. Working on the third. Of course, that is just county level, then there is legislative district. 21:53:29
  • Also forgot when we hit three of four. On fourth now, although are supposed to already be out of room. 22:30:59
  • Changing rooms. :-/ 22:41:59
  • One of two LD positions filled. One candidate. No vote. Getting close to end maybe! (1 more county level outstanding, and 1 more LD level.) 23:14:03
  • 2nd and last LD done. Just the one county level one outstanding. 23:21:31
  • Just got my official certificate of election as a PCO from the county election office. The fact I have an elected office makes me chuckle. 23:24:55
  • Reading – When Internal Polls Mislead, a Whole Campaign May Be to Blame (Nate Silver) 23:40:22
  • Last race called. Time to go home. 23:47:34