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September 2013

@abulsme tweets from 2013-09-21 (UTC)

  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 9/20/2013: 6,403 steps and 4.7 km traveled. 01:02:13
  • Reading – The History of the Trapper Keeper (Erin McCarthy) 07:14:23
  • Reading – Apple Chiefs Discuss Strategy, Market Share—and the New iPhones (Sam Grobart) 15:22:53
  • Reading – Joy Covey, Who Was Key To's Success, Dies (Mark Memmott) 15:29:16
  • Reading – Declassified document: US narrowly escaped nuclear blast in 1961 H-bomb accident (AP) 15:31:20
  • Listening to RadioLab "Blame" 15:45:02
  • 2016 prog. Poll list now filters by Dem/Rep/State and sorts by poll middate. Next up, calculate some 5 poll averages. 17:14:22
  • Yes, 2016 is a long way away, but I get limited time to work on this stuff, so starting early to get things set up how I want. 17:31:51
  • Started noting down polls I saw in Jan. JUST started setting up some web stuff in last few days. Very basic so far, lots of ideas in head. 17:33:55
  • I figure with a 2+ year head start, maybe I have a 50/50 shot of implementing those ideas before the 2016 Iowa caucus. :-) 17:35:03
  • Reading – The Hidden Classified Briefing Most of Congress Missed (Garance Franke-Ruta) 17:58:22
  • Reading – Why Iran seeks constructive engagement (Hassan Rouhani) 19:19:21
  • Settings on my iPad has had a notification since this morning, which presumably means it has the update. No popup saying "Upgrade!" yet. 19:59:38
  • Unless of course there was one, and Alex dismissed it, which he does routinely if something pops up and interrupts what he is doing. 20:00:16
  • Wonder if it will pop up (again) soon. Since there is a notification on settings, I will check it before too long in any case. 20:02:06
  • Reading – Iran's New President Has a Fan Club in U.S. Intelligence Vets (Shane Harris) 20:05:06
  • RT @BYUfan: .@abulsme You followed a terrorist? I follow you! I'm two steps from him. Oh sh*t. I'm definitely an #NSA target now. 20:18:44
  • .@BYUfan I also follow Obama and a number of Senators and Members of the House of both parties. So they must all be targets now too! in reply to BYUfan 20:20:26
  • RT @BYUfan: @abulsme yea, but they don't follow you. 20:50:57
  • .@BYUfan Members of congress following me: @amyklobuchar . Ok. There is only one. But at least she must be a target! in reply to BYUfan 20:54:47
  • Big milestone today: Alex actually played in his soccer game today!! Ran after the ball almost the whole time. Upset when he didn’t get it. 20:56:42
  • Every other game has stubbornly resisted doing anything. Would sit and not participate, or just follow Coach Amy. This time really trying! 20:59:00
  • Of course, didn’t WANT to, was trying to get his frozen yogurt bribe. Was told he would only get yogurt if he kicked the ball. 21:00:03
  • At 1st he thought GREAT and went off the field and kicked an extra ball. But once we clarified spent rest of the game trying to kick ball. 21:01:50
  • He was very frustrated he never got the ball. Kept deferring to other kids at last min. Other kids kicked away. Still came VERY close. 21:03:42
  • We are now at frozen yogurt place getting him his bribe anyway because he tried so hard. Maybe next week he will actually manage to kick it. 21:05:29
  • RT @BYUfan: .@abulsme Ha, I'm followed by one US Senator (@SenMikeLee) and two state reps (@Mike_Hope_ @RepMattShea) They're 3 steps away. 21:17:43
  • .@BYUfan You win. Of course any reasonable person of interest algorithm would discount anybody who follows 1000s of people. Unreliable sig. in reply to BYUfan 21:20:07