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@abulsme tweets from 2014-03-31 (UTC)

  • Reading – How climate change will affect where you live (Michael Slezak) 00:25:15
  • Reading – Major Climate Report Describes A Changing World, Striving to Adapt (Eli Kintisch) 00:32:37
  • Reading – World must adapt to unknown climate future, says IPCC (Michael Slezak) 00:40:21
  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 3/30/2014: 11,517 steps and 8.5 km traveled. 01:02:07
  • RT @7im: zomg “@OfficialBedale: don’t take a panorama picture whilst your dog walks past” 04:03:04
  • Reading (from January) – Forget Mega-Corporations, Here’s The Mega-Network (@klintron) 13:02:34
  • Reading – Living with risk: Yes, but don't you love the view? (Eric Holdeman) 13:06:28
  • Reading – Were Mt. Gox’s woes caused by incompetence or corruption? (Nathaniel Mott) 13:16:48
  • Upgrading my work computer to Mavericks. Pacing and twiddling my thumbs while it chugs. It has said 35 minutes to go for 20 minutes now. :-/ 18:28:51
  • Time left has bounced between 34 and 38 minutes for over 45 minutes now. Woo! Gotta love “time left” estimates. :-/ 19:01:40
  • For the first time estimated remaining drops under 20 minutes after bouncing between 32 and 43 minutes for two hours. 20:04:46
  • Also represents the first 10 minute interval where the ETA (current time plus time left) actually got earlier rather than later. 20:06:07
  • It claims under 10 minutes left. Should I believe? Nah… 20:11:15
  • Less than a “minute”. Whatever that means. :-) 20:30:40
  • “Click restart to restart your computer now.” Yea! 20:35:22
  • Of course it still has to do a bunch of work specific things to get set up. I did actually have a couple things I wanted to do today. :-/ 20:45:44
  • Time for another restart… Getting closer? 21:10:41
  • Finally logged in. Things still starting up, but maybe I will be able to do stuff shortly. Woo! 21:20:13
  • Of course, about half of the programs I use have “first run” things they want to do now, often quite time consuming. Bleh. 21:42:17