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@abulsme tweets from 2014-05-24 (UTC)

  • Loose lips & all -> Apple's Acquisition of Beats Could Be Delayed Because of Valuation, Roles & More (Husain Sumra) 01:14:02
  • Reading – Keurig sues owner of Tully’s shops, ends licensing deal (@gonzalezseattle) 01:52:59
  • Just watched this ep -> Why True Detective’s 6-Minute Tracking Shot Is More Than Just ‘Awesome’ (Matt Zoller Seitz) 07:30:01
  • Finished putting in 1984 election data. So the trend lines at my default scale go all the way back to the beginning. 08:01:12
  • Doing 1984 is shocking as you look at states from a 2014 viewpoint. I mean look at the map: !! Whole different world. 08:02:29
  • BTW, my default “Dynamic” timeframe will automatically zoom in closer and closer as the election approaches. 08:05:55
  • Specifically, it scales so that now to election day is always 10% of the width. Until the last few months. I set a 90 days back minimum. 08:11:07
  • Of course, I may change my mind on that when we get close enough to the election for that to make a difference. That’s the last 10 days. :-) 08:12:12
  • I may also elect to show less past history. We’ll see what it looks like once we are a bit closer in. 08:15:20
  • I don’t need it for my default view, but I will enter 1980 soon, just so I finish off the 80’s in my data file and in my “all” view. :-) 08:17:01
  • Keep thinking about that 10% thing. come 1 year out from the election, 9 years history way too much. Might set a max history as well as min. 09:04:01
  • Maybe 1 year? Maybe 2? Then keep it dynamic in between that and when it hits the minimum history? 09:06:24
  • All that is for the dynamic view of course. I’ll always have the menu option letting you pick specific timeframes. 09:06:58
  • Of course, I am also always pinning the right side of the graphs to election day, so you can always visually see how much time is left. 09:08:02
  • Ah wait! I forgot I’d changed it awhile ago from now to the election being 10%, to that being 20%. Still, thinking about a max hist on dyn. 09:11:07
  • So at 1 year out it will show 4 years of history. At 6 mo it will show two years. At three months a year. At one month, the last 4. 09:13:35
  • That actually seems reasonable. Still, I will think on it. Time for bed now though. ZZZzzz… 09:14:01
  • Reading – You’d have to be science illiterate to think “belief in evolution” measures science literacy (Dan Kahan) 18:08:59
  • On the way to Folklife with Brandy and Alex. Amy will be meeting us there later. 22:04:17