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@abulsme tweets from 2014-07-29 (UTC)

  • 03:01:23 Reading – First Look Media revises its focus, wants to be more of a journalism lab (Mathew Ingram)
  • 03:57:35 Reading – App Rot (@marcoarment)
  • 14:12:49 Reading – Q/A: What the New York Times’ polling decision means (Drew DeSilver)
  • 14:27:28 Requires authentication with your cable provider. :-/ -> Apple TV Updated with CNBC and FOX NOW Channels (Silvka)
  • 14:29:05 I know why the channels are insisting on the cable req, but it is annoying. Who will be the 1st major channel to just let me buy separately?
  • 14:31:00 Time to break this stupid model. I want to be a cord cutter. But right now I would lose a bunch of AppleTV channels. Some we actually use!