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@abulsme tweets from 2014-08-08 (UTC)

  • 00:44:22 Retweeted @Jim_Brunner 00:37:38 Current #WA01 tally: Suzan DelBene (D) 50.77%, Pedro Celis (R) 16.37%, Robert Sutherland 15.63%. #waelex
  • 00:55:33 Retweeted @katiezez 00:36:59 A toddler squeezing through the White House fence. Never a dull moment on the White House beat.
  • 00:55:38 Retweeted @PeterAlexander 00:37:04 "We were going to wait until he learned to talk to question him, but in lieu of that (toddler) got a timeout." – Secret Service
  • 01:14:36 Looks like op is over, admin now ready to confirm things. RT @lrozen: Obama statement on Iraq at 930pm WH says
  • 01:14:58 Retweeted @BuzzFeedNews 01:12:27 President Obama to deliver a statement on Iraq at 9:30 pm ET — Watch live:
  • 01:15:33 Retweeted @peterbakernyt 01:12:49 Defense official says U.S. military conducted a humanitarian operation in No. Iraq to air drop meals and water for thousands of Iraqis.
  • 01:20:46 Retweeted @Redistrict 01:19:40 In West Coast news, (and good news for the @nrcc), it looks like Pedro Celis has pulled ahead in #WA01:
  • 01:31:44 So BOTH airdrops and airstrikes…
  • 01:38:51 Retweeted @ItsFischy 01:38:19 Meanwhile RT @IDFSpokesperson Moments ago, 2 rockets fired from Gaza hit southern Israel. Terrorists have violated the cease-fire. in reply to IDFSpokesperson
  • 01:39:07 Retweeted @JonathanLanday 01:38:37 #Obama: when thousands face death and US has capacity to do something about it, we will.
  • 01:39:30 Retweeted @lrozen 01:39:14 Potus explaining rationale for action very compellingly, without angst from Syria time. But he does not look happy about it
  • 01:42:17 Retweeted @dandrezner 01:41:32 So for Obama, the basic difference between Iraq and Syria is the presence of a government inviting the US to intervene.
  • 01:44:40 Retweeted @weddady 01:43:48 So to recap: Obama announced the goal is to: stop ISIS expansion, help kurds. but not destroy #ISIS. in other words: containment
  • 01:59:31 Retweeted @lrozen 01:57:43 BINGO RT @KenDilanianAP: Obama didn't say airstrikes had already happened. He didn't said they hadn't, either. in reply to KenDilanianAP
  • 04:56:39 Reading – Deep Breath Premiere – Unanimous Praise in Press Reaction (DWW)
  • 05:16:35 Reading – Star Wars Undergoes a Calendar Crisis (Katharine Trendacosta)
  • 05:26:24 Reading – Something Doesn't Fit (Josh Marshall)
  • 05:28:31 Reading – Back To Iraq? Tweet Reax (Daily Dish)
  • 14:48:48 You know, if you are going to release a full transcript, the whole SAO charade is stupid, just do it on the record ->
  • 18:20:39 Bailed from work cause of big head cold and/or allergies. I am a lovely ball of snot right now. Once podcast out in few minutes, crashing.
  • 18:56:43 [Abulpost] Curmudgeon's Corner: Suffleupasam
  • 19:04:05 OK, crashing in a comfy chair with my iPad now. Done with my brain for today.
  • 23:04:13 Reading – Judge Rejects Settlement in Hiring Suit Against Google, Apple and Intel (David Streitfeld)
  • 23:13:20 Reading – James Brady's Death Ruled a Homicide, 33 Years After He Was Shot (Russell Berman)
  • 23:43:09 Just got our tickets for the midnight theater showing of the premiere of the new Doctor Who season on the 23rd. Woo woo woo!
  • 23:44:08 It will be a few hours after it shows on TV here, but movie theater, popcorn, some extra content, people dressing up… It will be fun.
  • 23:46:02 It will be in theaters everywhere on the 25th, have been checking to see if Seattle would be one of the 12 cities blessed with the 23rd.
  • 23:46:33 Well, really 12:01 AM on the 24th. But it shows up online as the 23rd.
  • 23:51:34 Anyway. Seattle just got a showing for the 23rd… Well the 24th… in Issaquah. And we got our tickets. So we are all set.
  • 23:52:42 The official site hasn't listed the cities yet. People are just finding them on Fandango. 8 of the 12 cities have now been found. 4 to go.
  • 23:53:29 But since I now have our tickets, I'm not going to be refreshing to check the site every few hours any more. :-)
  • 23:55:09 Hopefully Alex will do well with a midnight movie. It will be his 1st. At least at a theater. He's watched one or two at that hour at home.
  • 23:59:43 Ok. Tweetstorm over.

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