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March 2019

@abulsme tweets from 2019-03-23 (UTC)

  • 00:26:38 Retweeted @nycsouthpaw 2019-03-22 22:38:18 It’s on the smaller side, but one of the more dizzying things to me about today’s news is that this candidate for the US Congress, who requested and received stolen materials directly from the (disguised) Russian conspirators, won’t be named or charged.
  • 00:48:47 Retweeted @Wilson__Valdez 2019-03-22 22:22:19 So the Mueller report is in, nobody has any clue what it says, and the people who called others insane conspiracy theorists for pointing ot that Russia was interfering with our elections, are in a state of ebulent glee, claiming to be totally vindicated. Do I have that right?
  • 01:24:55 Retweeted @mattblaze 01:05:34 Prediction: when the Mueller report is released, some will point out that it confirms everything that they have been saying all along. Others will point out that the report was deeply flawed.
  • 01:37:49 Excellent follow up on the Assange rumors. Bottom line, looks like 100% BS.
  • 01:51:43 Retweeted @matthewamiller 01:03:34 This is unlikely to prove true, because the two parties aren’t the same. If the latter scenario plays out, you will see some nuts attacking Mueller, but the difference between the left and the right is that the nuts are the mainstream on the right.
  • 02:20:21 Retweeted @ErikWemple 2019-03-22 21:32:47 We are in the midst of one of the great experiments in human history: How long can cable news talk about a document that it doesn’t have?
  • 02:39:16 Retweeted @MaxKennerly 01:02:52 This does not seem like a tidy wrapping up of matters. Witnesses’ lawyers don’t even know who they’re supposed to call.
  • 02:41:42 Retweeted @dceiver 02:12:51 wow talk about the Streisand Effect
  • 02:45:21 Retweeted @jmpalmieri 2019-03-22 23:24:22 Few thots about pre-spinning an unreleased report from someone who knows how game is played. It’s easy to make such a rpt seem innocuous in abstract & w/ no indictments. It will feel worse for WH when we actually see report.
  • 02:54:50 Retweeted @PoliticsWolf 2019-03-22 15:32:24 The median American lives in a:
    Clinton+2.1% country
    Trump+0.8% state
    Clinton+5.9% county
    Trump+2.2% House seat

    Remember these divergent stats when some talk about the geographic distribution of the parties. All these lines are inherently political, & nothing is natural about it

  • 02:58:05 Retweeted @carolynryan 02:38:18 Tomorrow’s вЃ¦@nytimesвЃ© historic front page. h/t вЃ¦@TomJollyвЃ©
  • 03:12:25 Retweeted @JoshNBCNews 2019-03-22 23:14:41 NEW – yet another bizarre development from Trump on North Korea: A US official tells @NBCNews that Trump’s tweet was NOT about yesterday’s sanctions. It was about new, bigger sanctions that had not yet been announced but were apparently immiment
  • 03:13:30 Retweeted @gabrielmalor 2019-03-22 23:16:55 They went from “collusion is not a crime” to “no indictment for Trump, so there was no collusion.”Guys, if it wasn’t criminal, then there wouldn’t be an indictment. At least be consistent with your bullshit.
  • 10:39:52 The most interesting Mueller report outcome would be if he concludes the Russians framed Trump in order to increase divisions in American society. That would be brilliant. Taking advantage of the useful idiots in the Trump family. Would fit their MO perfectly too.
  • 13:48:06 Thread
  • 16:56:21 Retweeted @emptywheel 14:51:34 After Mueller: An Off-Ramp on Russia for the Venal Fucks
  • 17:10:01 Retweeted @meetmissjoness 14:06:53 Why is ‘Baby Shark’ so damn catchy? Because Pinkfong made it that way. <symbol>
  • 17:29:56 Retweeted @GeoffRBennett 17:28:09 BREAKING: A DOJ official tells NBC’s Pete Williams and @JuliaEAinsley that AG Barr will not brief lawmakers today on the Mueller report’s principal conclusions.
  • 19:15:58 Retweeted @kpolantz 18:39:19 NEW: Rick Gates’ case before Judge Amy Berman Jackson in DC federal court will be handled by the DC US Attorney’s Office as Mueller exits, per the special counsel’s office today.
  • 23:01:12 Retweeted @williamjordann 22:55:27 Let’s say hypothetically a candidate is on the edge of the 15% threshold to win CA delegates as the late votes come in. For that candidate 75+ delegates could be in question due to CA’s size: roughly the equivalent of winning EVERY delegate in New Hampshire and Iowa, combined. in reply to williamjordann
  • 23:58:13 Retweeted @PatrickRuffini 13:06:29 The electoral college makes much more sense when you think of America as a federated union of *states* — not of individual citizens — which is how the Founders looked at it but few people look at it today

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