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September 2021

Where did Curmudgeon’s Corner Go?

If you are a person that has looked to the blog for announcements when the new episodes of the Curmudgeon’s Corner podcast comes out, you may have, well, not seen any the last two weeks. Apologies for not putting an announcement here sooner, but well, CC has moved. For the longest time, the Curmudgeon’s Corner podcast has “lived on” Blog posts announcing episodes were here, the actual podcast episodes were hosted here, and the XML feed files for the podcast were here too.

I have finally gotten around to doing something I have wanted to do for many years, which is set Curmudgeon’s Corner up with a domain of its own.

You will find the latest episodes of Curmudgeon’s Corner, and all the historical archives at

Some of the technical stuff behind the podcast is still linked to, but I’ll be disentangling that over the next few weeks / months. But from a listener’s perspective, that is the podcast’s home now.

Of course, nobody has to go to the website. Most people will find, listen to, and subscribe to the podcast using a podcast player on their phone or computer. You can still find the podcast there the same way you always have.

And I’m making sure the Curmudgeon’s Corner Facebook page still gets an announcement when there are new episodes.

And I’m tweeting out episode announcements when they come out too.

But this blog will stop posting podcast episodes every week. That had become almost everything posted here lately, with a few exceptions a year. Maybe I’ll figure out something new to do with the blog. Or something old. Dunno. We shall see.

In the mean time, for the podcast, head to one of those other places.


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