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June 2024


So yes, Amy and I did see Avatar. (Brandy and Alex stayed home.) And no, although it was by new means new when we saw it, it wasn’t just last week or anything either, I am just way behind in posting these sorts of things.

We saw it in a real Science Center IMAX place (not one of those fake multi-plex IMAXes) and of course in 3D.

Of course, I have nothing of real value to add that hasn’t been said many hundreds of times over about this movie. It is indeed visually impressive. The technological advances involved in making something like this are exiting. It is good stuff on that front.

On the story front it is pretty formulaic and predictable, but it is one of those movies where that is not the point, and you are supposed to just hang on and enjoy the ride rather than spend much time on deep thoughts about the plot, what anything means, or about the actual characters. Which is fine.

But one thing I could not forgive… the floating mountains. Really?? And without so much as a throw away line trying to explain it. OK, maybe a throw away line saying people still didn’t understand or some such. But not even a “the insides are filled with helium” or something. Come on! At least try! But again, it doesn’t matter in the end I guess.

I’m sure everybody who wants to see this already has. So, you know, whatever. But it is worth seeing. And it is worth seeing in IMAX and in 3D.