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May 2024

Dashboard Up Again Too

Unlike the wiki, I didn’t succeed this weekend in getting ChartDirector working again by myself. But I figured out roughly where the sticking point was (dynamic loading of PHP extensions) and cut a ticket to my host for this stuff ( A couple of back and forths with them and some additional configuration changes to let me override some new default settings, and my Dashboard (and other graphs I keep but aren’t linked to the main dashboard) are up and running again. Woo!

Upgrades Grrrr

So, the host I use for my wiki and my graphs (but not this blog) updated their version of PHP within the last 24 hours. This broke both my wiki and my graphs. They had sent a warning that I would need to reset a MySQL password, which I did. But that seemly wasn’t the problem here. The problem here SEEMS to be that I have old versions of both MediaWiki and ChartDirector that I haven’t updated since I first set them up several years ago, and they are incompatible with the updated version of PHP. So I need to update both of those to the current versions. This is probably going to be a pain. Hopefully not, but I always dread updates like this because while sometimes they go smoothly, sometimes they turn into hours of trying to figure out why nothing works any more before you realize it is because of some tiny but buried thing that needs to be changed.

Sigh. Guess I’ll try to look at this sometime over the weekend. In the mean time, my wiki and my graphs will just stay down. Bleh.