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October 2003

Health Fair Results

So there was a health fair thing at lunch here at work today. So I got all the free test stuff.

Here are my results:

Cholesterol — Total: 180 (Desireable), HDL: 45 (OK), LDL: 135 (Borderline)
Glucose — 114 (Normal)
Blood Pressure — Systolic: 138 (Prehypertension), Diastolic: 81 (Prehypertension)
BMI — 26 (Overweight)

OK. So my total cholesterol is good, but I’m a bit high on the “bad cholesterol”. It should be less than 130. I blame Rebecca and Chris taking me to Mortons. :-) Oh well. No burgers for a little while.

Glucose all normal. That’s good.

I know I’m all stressed and stuff, but that is the highest blood pressure I’ve ever registered. It still isn’t dangerzone, but it is above normal. (Above 140/90 would be Hypertension Stage I). I do not like that. In the past whenever I’ve checked I’ve usually registered with blood pressure too LOW if anything, but usually smack dab in the middle of normal. I’m going to start remembering to check whenever I pass the little machine in the drug store or grocery store. I’ll adjust some diet things too, but this one may be highly stress related.

BMI. OK. I’m at 182 as of this morning. I hate it when I am above 180. I like myself best between 165 and 170. To be in the “Normal” category instead of “Overweight” I need to get back under 174 pounds. I knew that one already of course. It’s been a few months since I was last under 174. Time to get there again and stay there a bit.

OK. That is my health update. :-)

August 2003’s Top Ten!

The August top ten email list has been posted online. If you made the list, you got the results by email a while ago. If you are one of those who never sends much email but follows this anyway, you can now see who won!

August 2003 Top Ten