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January 2004

Home-Schooled By a Cackling Jackal

Hey! Rebecca has a blog now!! And yes Rebecca, this does make you cool now!

Cackling Jackal

Most blogs annoy me. It seems like everyone has them and are using them to say very little. Most are dull, insipid, self-absorbed and inane. Some are interesting. Some are even fun. So they can’t be all bad and despite my original pooh-poohs, I’m going to give this a try. Why not, I broke down and gave in to Tivo and Friendster, why not a blog? I’m weak like that. Get off my tip.

I’ll have to adjust my links list….

4 comments to Home-Schooled By a Cackling Jackal

  • NM54

    Was this actually supposed to make any sense or just more self-absorbed and inane rambling???? I’m going to have to say the latter of the two……

  • NM55

    Ok, I can make a real comment now that I have actually had an opportunity to read this whole thing….apparently it wouldn’t load right the first time. I still fail to see how this serves any purpose other than to feed an already over inflated ego and as far as I can tell a vain attempt at pretending to be important by name dropping which incidentally, you explained quite eloquently that it is simply obnoxious….I guess if the shoe fits….

  • NM56

    Wow Barb, you’re still obsessed with me. My first Internet stalker perhaps. Your lips say “don’t e-mail me” but your fingers, they beg for more! I’m flattered. You’d think between church, your husband and daugher you’d be too busy for a little unknown poet like me. I hope you keep reading the blog, maybe you’ll learn something about literature. Frank O’hara is a marvelous place to start — he was part of a movement called “The New School” and the “avant-garde.” He also was a respected art critic. Unfortunately he was run over by a dune buggy on Fire Island in 1966.

    Feel free to spew more personal insults. Fuel for the fire, the say.

    The Big C. (named by Barb)

  • NM60

    I do like the banter though, it makes me hot, seriously.. it does. I think I need to rub one out now.

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