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January 2004

Posted: November 2003 Top Ten

The results were given to the winners almost a month ago, but the November 2003 email contest results are now posted online.

November 2003 Top Ten!

Barb made a valiant try in November for the #1 spot. She sent tons and tons of email… mostly forwards… but she also got into a sort of email fight with Al, Chris, Rebecca, Chad, Ivan and Erica… but made friends with Brandy and Marilyn apparently. Kelly was not involved. It was kind of amusing to watch, although I gather some of the participants got a little upset. I just watched from a safe distance. It was fun.

6 comments to Posted: November 2003 Top Ten

  • NM51

    In my defense, the email fight only included Rebecca and Chad, (although mostly just Rebecca) I don’t think anyone else was being nearly as obnoxious as those two. Is Chad the one who came to Chicago with you… that was Ivan, I liked Ivan, he was funny! As far as being upset Sam, it takes an awful lot to really get me riled up, I just wanted to see what would come out of some peoples mouths when provoked!!!! ROTLMFAO!!!!!!!

  • NM52

    Yeah, apparently I’m a cunt like that. The things that come out of some peoples mouths, I swear.

  • NM53

    Wow, at least you can admit it.

  • NM57

    At least I never called someone such a nasty name. But if you’re comfortable saying such things, who am I to say how your god will judge you?

  • NM58

    How I Rate Everyone on the Obnoxious Meter for the Email Conversation that Wouldn’t End November ’03: (1) Barb (2) Chris (let’s not forget tubgirl) (3) Rebecca. I think everyone else was reasonably civilized.

    What the fuck does ROTLMFAO!!!!!!! mean?

  • NM59

    Rolling on the Linoleum Mother Fucker Asspunch Ouch?

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