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March 2004

Bipartisan Ticket???

Now *this* would be interesting. And this might be a VERY good combo. McCain would be a hoot. I would love this. It might even tempt me to vote for them. I saw McCain on the Daily Show a few weeks (months?) back and all he did was bash Bush. Stewart asked him, “Excuse me, what party did you say you were in again??” He is hilarious and refreshingly honest. Should have beat Bush for the nomination in 2000. He’s a bit nuts, but in a loveable sort of way. This would be so much fun! Please do it Kerry! Please ask him!

Sen. McCain Open to Being Kerry’s VP
(AP via Yahoo)

McCain said he would consider the unorthodox step of running for vice president on the Democratic ticket” in the unlikely event he received such an offer from the presidential candidate.

1 comment to Bipartisan Ticket???

  • NM112

    No kidding!! My husband (the canadian :)
    was just saying McCain/Kerry (v/v) would be a great ticket.
    That might just be the Bush killer!!! Lets try and encourage Kerry to do that…and to get some balls and go about protesting the war in stronger terms. He should not be pussy footing around with punishing the abusers at the prison nonsense. He should be condemning the actions same as he did back in the day. We want to welcome our sons and daughters home, not have them shamed (again) by the actions of a few in a situation they should not have been made to endure.

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