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March 2004

2003 Q3 Random Vacation – Day 9 Posted!

Day 9 of the 2003 Q3 Random Vacation is now up and complete. Enjoy!
2003 Q3 Random Vacation – Day 9

So this time, Jon and I got there.  I tried to open the door.  It would not open.  “Oh no!”, I thought, “It did it again!”.  So, assuming that things had fallen again, I figured I knew what to do and got out the jack.
John and I worked with the Jack for about 10 minutes.  Trying different angles.  Trying to just lift it with our hands.  Nothing worked.  It was not budging at all.

Now, if you look CAREFULLY at the picture above, you will see the problem.  OK.  The padlock is off and on the ground.  Good.  OK, now look at the latch.  Uh huh.  It is still latched.  I had taken off the padlock, but had not remembered to pull back the latch to actually free the mechanism so that the door could move.  John and I had just spent ten minutes trying to force open a latched (but unlocked) door.

Well, once we noticed this, the door of course opened immediately and with no effort at all.

This of course means that the 2003 Q3 Random vaction website is complete. I’ll make a summary blog posting (and also send out an email annoucement about it) in just a little bit.

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