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April 2004

Fitness Contest RESULTS!!

The fitness contest is over. Has been for a couple weeks. But I’ve been busy. Sorry for the delay on the results.

Anyway, the final results… based on how well each person did at reaching their own personally set goals over the four months of December, January, February and March.

Here are the standings:

Weight Contest:

#1: Marilyn (60.0 points)
#2: Mike (57.9 points)
#3: Reb (20.0 points)
#4: Sam (4.3 points)
DISQUALIFIED: Randall (36.6 points)
DISQUALIFIED: Kelly (19.5 points)
DISQUALIFIED: Brandy (4.6 points)

Body Fat Contest:

#1: Reb (20.0 points)
#2: Sam (14.5 points)
DISQUALIFIED: Brandy (-1.7 points)
DISQUALIFIED: Randall (-13.5 points)

Brandy, Kelly and Randall were disqualified from winning because they did not provide any readings subsequent to March 21st 00:00:00 UTC.  Since they did start the contest however, they are still required to pay the winners as per the initial contest rules.  Based on their last provided readings however, these disqualifications would not have affected the final outcome.

On the weight contest Marilyn took the lead in early January from Mike, and never again gave up the lead, although Randall came close in the middle of the contest before falling back, and Mike put up a final charge and came close at the very end.  But Marilyn stayed ahead regardless.  Marilyn won the contest with a score of 60 (meaning she made it 60% of the way to her goal).   So according to the rules, each of the losers (Mike, Reb, Sam, Randall, Kelly and Brandy) should each send Marilyn $15.  So Marilyn wins a total of $90

On the body fat contest, Sam took the early lead, but Reb pulled ahead in mid January and retained it until the last couple of weeks of the contest, where the lead passed back and forth between Sam and Rebecca several times.   (Well, judging from interpolated curves between actual data points.)  Sam took a plunge in the wrong direction two days before the end of the contest however, and Rebecca ended up taking the win.  Rebecca won with a score of 20 (meaning she made it 20% of the way to her goal).  So according to the rules, each of the losers (Sam, Brandy and Randall) should each send Rebecca $5.  So Rebecca wins a total of $15.

The winners are responsible for collecting their winnings.

Graphs and charts are available at

And that is that.

Thanks for playing everyone!