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April 2004

The Jackal Roars

OK, so Jackals probably don’t roar. But Cackling Jackal, Rebecca’s blog, has just overtaken in the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem. So it is roaring. Rebecca is now a Slimy Mollusc, compared to my status as a Lowly Insect, and Al’s as a Crunchy Crustacean.

The ecosystem is based on how many other blogs link to you. Looks like Rebecca has been getting some other poetry blogs to link to her. She is on her way!

Hey, anybody want to link to me? Sniff. Sniff.

Guess for that I have to post more often, and sometimes on topics that people are actually interested in, huh? Hmm. Perhaps I’ll work on that. Maybe. If things ever get less busy. :-)

In the mean time, I will not contest Rebecca’s crown.

And the graphs are here.


House Warming / Cooling Party

I sent this to the folks who email me a lot a few weeks ago, and mentioned it to many others who have emailed me or talked to me in person in the last few weeks, but in case anybody is out there who knows me personally who didn’t get the message directly or indirectly, I’m posting here too. You are all invited too! (If you are just a web reader, and have never met me in person, introduce yourself in email!)

As most of you know, last August I bought a house in Yardley, PA! Woo! Lots of people asked me if I was going to have a house warming party, but I was still settling in, and didn’t know exactly what to do anyway, so I kept putting the idea off. But as most of you also know, I just started a job in Melbourne, FL and put my house on the market to be sold in preparation to move to Florida along with my girlfriend Brandy and her daughter Amy. Hmmm… better get that house warming party done before I sell the house and move almost 900 miles away, huh?

So anyway, with lots of help from Brandy and Amy, we’re finally going to have that party! You are all invited of course… and feel free to forward this on to anybody else who knows me who you think might be interested, or to bring a guest.

It will be the last Saturday in April. April 24th that is. Starting at around 6 PM and going into the evening as late as people want. (We picked this date based on people’s responses about possible party dates when I asked about it in the email announcing my new job.) I hope you all can come!!

If you think you want to come, please let me know, so we can plan for about the right size group. Also let me know about any guests or kids or whatnot you will bring so we can plan accordingly.

The party will of course be at my place. If you don’t know the address it is easy to find, or just email me and ask me. MapQuest directions to the house are pretty good, but if you need specific directions from somewhere, let me know and I’ll send you some.

Anybody who wants to crash on the floor or such is of course welcome to do so, but as fair warning, especially to those from out of the area, we do NOT have any extra beds available for lots of people to stay over. So if you are going to come from out of town, and want something more than a spot on the floor, here are the ten closest hotels and motels to my house according to Yahoo:

Red Roof Inn (2.1 miles away)
3100 Cabot Blvd W
Langhorne, PA

McIntosh Inn of Oxford Valley (2.1 miles away)
3101 Cabot Blvd W
Langhorne, PA

Marriot Courtyard (2.2 miles away)
5 Cabot Blvd E
Langhorne, PA

Sheraton (2.5 miles away)
400 Oxford Valley Rd
Langhorne, PA

New Falls Motel (2.7 miles away)
201 Lincoln Hwy
Fairless Hills, PA

Ace Motel (2.7 miles away)
216 Lincoln Hwy
Fairless Hills, PA

Brick Hotel (3.2 miles away)
1 E Washington Ave
Newtown, PA

Inn to the Woods (3.6 miles away)
150 Glenwood Dr
Washington Crossing, PA

Country House Motel (3.9 miles away)
951 Old Lincoln Hwy
Morrisville, PA

Holiday Inn (5.3 miles away)
7 S Pennsylvania Ave
Morrisville, PA

I look forward to having you all over together! Should be an interesting bunch of people to say the least. :-)