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September 2004

Apple Sauce

Waiting at the airport right nor for my flight out of Melborne to Newark via changing planes in Atlanta. Woo. This is finishing off the business trip in Manhattan I needed to cut short in order to come home to deal with Hurricane Frances. Should be interesting. Lots of talk about workflow. I always like workflow. The issue always ends up being just how much rigid workflow you REALLY want to enforce. People often think they want it, but once they get it, they regret it.

Anyway… waiting for security to pen so I can go to the gate. Plane leaves in a little over an hour. Before that maybe I’ll get a drink or some magazines to read. I haven’t fully unpacked my pile of books to read yet, so I can’t do that. :-)

If all goes well, I’ll be home by aroun 06:00 UTC on Saturday. But by the time we are heading home, what is left of Hurricane Ivan is due to be sitting over Atlanta making bad weather. So there may be weather delays.

No internet in the hotel I am going to. I may manage to get dialup working or stop at a Starbucks, but maybe not.

I’ll be there a short time, in midtown Manhattan, without a rental car or anything, so it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to see any of my NJ/PA friends this time around, unless they want to meet me in Times Square late Thursday evening or something. :-)

Maybe next time!

Toxic Brew of Raw Sewage

Glad we went to New Orleans last week instead of this week!

1.2 Million Warned to Leave New Orleans
(Mary Foster, AP on Yahoo)

Residents streamed inland in bumper-to-bumper traffic in an agonizingly slow exodus Tuesday amid dire warnings that Ivan could overwhelm New Orleans with up to 20 feet of filthy, chemical-polluted water.

Experts said Ivan could be worse, sending water pouring over levees, flooding to the rooftops and turning streets into a toxic brew of raw sewage, gas and chemicals from nearby refineries.