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September 2004

Orange World

We decided to walk Princely one last time before the weather got really bad. Went outside. Everything was orange tinted and the clouds were low and flying by overhead at a high rate of speed. While we were out there the winds picked way up. The trees were going nuts. Some of the trunks were swaying as well as the branches. It was getting nuts. And it is just starting!

We just brought in the satellite dish and are now watching a small portable TV on antenna. It’ll stay that way through the night. So anyway, here we go I guess! There are tornado warnings off and on. And the main winds of the hurricane are coming. Latest maps on the local news show where we are getting about 100 mph winds when it gets to the worst part. Dunno.

We’re slowly consolidating into the center rooms in the house. Expect the electric to go any time. According to the TV some parts of the county are already without power. But we have batteries! :-)

More updates when I can… they say on TV the winds in Melbourne are now 45 mph. They say the sky is purple though. Maybe. It was orange a few minutes ago though! :-)

About 3.5 hours until landfall…

Just a Little Breeze

Starting to get breezy. You could fly a nice kite with this. We resecured a couple things, moved some boxes around and are basically getting settled in for the storm. Brandy is making cookies. I’m going to clean out my car and bring in the GPS and stuff. Unfortunately, only one of the three cars can be in the garage. The other two will have to take their chances.

After the car stuff, I think that is the last outdoor stuff we’re going to be attempting barring anything unexpected. Then we’ll hunker down and watch the live coverage of the storm while eating cookies and such until the power goes out. After that, we’ll play chess by candlelight while listening to the radio and the small battery powered TV… and eat cookies.

This one is going to be about as bad as Frances. For Frances we ran to New Orleans. For some reason this time we are still here. Gulp. Seems everybody still is. Nobody is leaving. (And they haven’t actually called for evacuation of our specific location, just the barrier islands near here and mobile homes and the like.) Oh well. We’ll be OK I think. But the next 24 hours are going to probably get a bit hairy!

Local noon news just came on. Channel 9 out of Orlando. Chief Weather Dude Tom Terry. I quote his opening statement…

This storm is going to be serious. We’ve already talked a lot about that. This storm is:

#1: About the same size as Frances with the windfield.
#2: This storm is going to be stronger than Frances.
#3: This storm is going to make landfall a little further North than where Frances hit.

Yummy! It is still forecast to make landfall 20 or 30 miles south of us. That is actually a little further away than they were forecasting yesterday, when they were putting landfall right near us. They are saying it may strengthen to a Cat 4 too. But they have it further south, which is good. But it could still shift.

Oh well, time to clean that car. And eat cookies.

May 2004 Top Ten!!

The winners found out back on June 30th, but now the results can be posted! Woo! Here is the May 2004 Email Top Ten!

May 2004

Once again in May nobody was actively attempting to win. The usual players did their usual things. Brandy wins again easily. The rest put in respectable performances although overall volume is down since I was very busy in May on issues relating to moving and such, so was not keeping up on answering email at all.