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February 2005

First Ten

First ten things to come to mind to blog as I surf the websites I check regluarly (see left column):

* I’m in the New York area for business, and this time I am not sick! Woo! One of my co-workers is sick though, so I guess it all balances out. Matt from my previous job now joins me at my current job. He is a great addition. Today was his first day. We started him right out at a client. It went very well. It is now snowing hard. Tomorrow morning’s meetings might be messy. (OK, that one wasn’t from my usual sites, it was from what it going on, just throwing it in.)

* My mom reprints an article by my dad on drops in donations to Africa after the tsunami. No real thoughts here by me, just a note, and a link to complete the three way family article linkage.

* Brandy is posting again. Apperantly she has found and unpacked the tarot.

* A thread on the TivoCommunity site links to a site with pictures of all sorts of incidents with planes. I immediatley thought Ivan would like this.

* Rumors of Apple Buying Tivo: This has been going around for awhile, but seems to have gotten more attention in the last few days. I wouldn’t lay odds on it happening, but I would be quite happy if it did. Tivo was great, but has been struggling lately to stay in the game and keep ahead of the rapidly approaching competition. An infusion of Apple influence and money might be one of the only ways to get it back in shape to stay the best. And Apple has a long track record of knowing how to survive as a premium product with low market share for those who care more about the total quality of the product than the cost.

* Earlier this week I finally got a Florida Driver’s licence. Woo! Go me! (Also not from a site, but hey!)

* A little while ago the GPS Info noted that Garmin posted the manual to the new Street Pilot c330. Unfortunately it looks like they DID dumb down the interface, removing some of the geek features that I like. So my object of GPS lust remains for now the Street Pilot 2620.

* The bulb on my InFocus X1 reached the end of its life span and popped a few days ago. At the moment we are watching TV on a rtegular old fashioned TV. It makes me very sad. There are other priorities in the budget though, so it will be awhile until we get a new bulb for the thing.

* Speaking of Tivo, the kinds of applications that are being developed now that Tivo has released their developmetn kit are really cool. I honestly thought this would mostly be lame, but some of these are actually interesting and useful. It will be interesting to see how they capitalize on this sort of thing going forward. (Found through PVRBlog.)

* I am in a hotel, away from home. There will be a meeting with a client in the morning if the weather allows, then lunch, then it will be time to be home. Looking forward to it. Home is nice. I like being home. A nice weekend relaxing and doing things around the house. Sounds fun. :-)