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February 2005

Receive Your List

On January 30th 2003 I joined Kelly from work going to a kareoke thing in Willow Grove, PA.

Early on January 31st, I sent Kelly an email, which amoung other things included this passage:

“Also remind me, the one to the right of me that you sang with asked what kind of music I liked and I had no adequate answer, so I was going to send you a listing of the last 25-50 things I listened to which you could send her to answer the question.  But I’ll do that later.  :-)”

Kelly replied a few hours later:

“Her name is Brandy.  I am sure she will be thrilled to receive your list.  She is an odd one too.  She seemed to be interested in your random vacation idea.  I am sure she will want to see your web page.”

Kinda missed the exact day with all that has been going on. But that means it has been 2 years since Brandy and I met. Woo! Go two years! (It took us like 10 months after that before we were actually dating of course, but anyway…)

First actual email I can find from Brandy wasn’t until March 22nd though, when she emailed:

“Where were you when we needed you?”

That was after I skipped a kareoke I think. I thought at first that the email was spam and almost missed answering it. Oops.

Over the Hump

Further update… Brandy’s mom came out of her procedure a little earlier this evening and was chatting and joking with Brandy before falling asleep in the recovery room for the night. All went very well. She is scheduled to be released from the hospital tomorrow. She’ll then come home and stay with us until her doctors declare her strong enough to travel. Which may be as soon as the end of this week, but most likely will be a bit longer than that.

In any case, looks like the worst is past, and she will be back here soon, and in fact will stay for a considerably longer visit than originally planned! Which is nice, although this isn’t quite the way one might have wished for a longer visit!