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September 2005

DVD: Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death

imageWe actually watched this almost two weeks ago, but Brandy fell asleep during the last of the six episodes, and so we didn’t put the DVD in the mail to return until yesterday when Brandy finally got around to watching the last episode again. :-)

This story did very little for me. I just wasn’t into it. It has the Ice Warriors. Yawn. It did have an amusing trip in a rocket and the doctor running around defending himself with trashcan lids with light bulbs stuck to them. So you have that I guess. But that’s about it. Oh! And wait, the Doctor running in terror from soap suds! I didn’t even notice that the Doctor wasn’t in the 4th episode at all until I read the summary online. Well, OK. I kinda did. He had been knocked out and spent the time unconcious.

I find myself hankering to move along and get to the 4th Doctor episodes. Or at least the third. And color. Color would be nice at this point.

The one we just watched was going to be the last 2nd Doctor episode in our sequence as we went through the stories available on DVD… but just last week they released another one. We’ll be watching out of sequence because this one aired before the one we just watched, but that is OK.

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