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April 2006

AbulCam Streaming


The Abulcam has been upgraded so it now streams live video as quickly as the bandwidth can handle it. The thumbnail on the home page will also now self-update although it won’t stream. If I have the camera off, the Abulcam will show a black screen, but the last uploaded thumbnail will still be available. Click on the image in this blog post, the “Camera” link in the top navigation of this site, or the Camera image at the top of the home page to get to the streaming video.


Walking in a Minter Wonderland…


Brandy and Amy’s plane flight back to Melbourne from Seattle was full of fun and frolic of the sorts that result in complaints being filed against the airline. But I shall not get into that. If Brandy want to, she can do so on her own blog.

But one good thing did come out of that trip back to Florida. Brandy and Amy called me from the airport in Atlanta to tell me that they were at the airport Ben and Jerry’s eating the flavor above and that it was yummy.

I’ve never seen it or tasted it myself, but now I feel I must.

DVD: Doctor Who: The Three Doctors

imageThe last night Brandy and Amy were here we put this on to watch. Unfortuantely, they were both sleepy. Brandy was asleep before the end of the first episode. I had been trying to be really good and not freak out and pause it every time I noticed her eyes closing and had made it to the end of the episode. (To keep myself from being bad, I’d given Brandy the remote.)

But at the end of the first episdode, since Brandy was asleep, I started putting things away rather than starting the second episode and told Amy it was time for bed. She was unhappy, but went to bed.

A few minutes later I went in to check on her and she was still looking very unhappy. So I said we could watch the rest if she wanted to. She said “but you said we couldn’t!”. I told her it was OK, we could… that I would like that.

So we got set back up to start it up again, with Amy under a blanket with her head in my lap. We started up the DVD. Amy was much happier.

Of course, she was asleep within minutes.

I did watch the rest solo. And gave them back the disk rather than returning it to watch on the way home on the plane. It hasn’t been returned yet, so I’m not sure that they did.

This episode was the first multi-doctor episode. And it was fun to see the Doctors bickering with each other as usual. I especially liked though the Brigadier’s reaction to them. Not much else to say about it. It was good to see the second Doctor again. I just can’t get myself liking the 3rd.

Anyway, it is now in the hands of Brandy and Amy to watch and return. Gieven that they have each had their current netflix movies for months… Brandy has had Cube 2: Hypercube since 17 Sep 2005, and Amy has had Little Black Book since 10 Feb 2006. So I’m not expecting to to get done and sent in any time soon. (Of course, my current movie was sent out 23 Feb 2006, so I can’t say much.)

Of course, we’ve only been watching the Doctor Who ones together, so I guess it doesn’t matter that much since it will be awhile until we are all in the same place again. The next one is another first Doctor one that was released since we got this one. The first first Doctor episode actually.

I am a little sad this is as far as we had gotten since we started this at the end of the 9th Doctor’s episodes last year. I had really hoped to get up to episodes with Sarah Jane Smith before the episode where she comes back and meets the 10th Doctor comes on. That will be School Reunion which will be on in the UK in just a few weeks and will also feature the return of K-9.

It would have been nice for Amy to have seen some episodes with Sarah Jane and K9 before seeing them return, but I guess that’s OK. Most of the kids who are now fans in the UK won’t know who they are anyway. This is a sop for the older fans.

Of course, if we waited until this episode airs officially in the US, we’d have plenty of time for that…. but will we be able to wait that long???

Six days until new Doctor Who in the UK. I wouldn’t take bets on us waiting until Sci-Fi gets around to it, IF they get around to it…

As for watching more of the old episodes… I’ll let them govern that. I shant be bugging them about it. The main reason we started is it seemed Amy liked them, and I know Brandy had watched when they were on PBS, as had I of course… but there shall be no more prompting on the issue from me. We’ll get to it when we get to it.