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April 2006

MiniTakes 2

OK, I did it again. Noted some interesting URLs during work yesterday, got home tired and didn’t do anything useful at all, let alone make blog posts. So here are some more quick Links. I’ll limit myself to one sentence of comment on each. Or I’ll try anyway.

Nationwide Housing Prices Decline
(David Bernstein, The Volokh Conspiracy)

MiniTake: Yup, excellent timing, this sucks.

Fight Club Politics
(Juliet Eilperin, The Huffington Post)

MiniTake: This is where the moderates have gone. (Well, this is part of it.) The current division of everything into the crackpot left and the crakpot right, with no sane people in the middle left in positions of power is horribly detrimental. I recommend an automated redistricting algorithm based purely on population distribution and mathematics with a preference toward “simple” boundaries, but with absolutely no regard to pre-existing geographic, political or cultural divisions.

It’s Official, I Now Pity George Bush
(Trey Ellis, The Huffington Post)

MiniTake: Just the usual oedipal sort of look at the motivations of George Bush, but I found it humorous.

Clinton nearly ses rocket’s red glare
(Norm Clarke, Los Vegas Review-Journal via Drudge Report)

MiniTake: Just amusing… A porn star has a birthday party for her five year old daughter and is about to shoot off some fireworks as part of the party, and the secret service runs up telling her not to set off the fireworks, because Bill Clinton is just a few yards away.

A New Voice
(Canadian Music Creators Coalition via P2PNet via Digg)

MiniTake: Bunches of musicians coming out for file sharing and against the super strict copyright contingent. Good for them.

Treasue Coast Home Sales Drop
(Nadia Gergis, TCPalm)

MiniTake: Mostly about the Treasure Coast, which is not us, but does include a blurb saying that year over year “Home sales in the Melbourne-Palm Bay area decreased 23 percent, while the median price rose 7 percent to $222,500.” So price still up year over year, but market slowing greatly.

Da Vinci court papers ‘show secret code’
(ITV News)

MiniTake: The judge putting a secret message in his ruling. Very cool.

OK, that’s it for now. Maybe more tomorrow, maybe not. Maybe one at a time, maybe all together. Dunno.