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September 2006


At long last, the house in Florida is officially off our hands. It now belongs to the relocation company. They will in turn sell it to the actual buyer soon.

It has been a long and painful process with all sorts of problems and mis-steps and issues that came up at every turn, and this last month has been especially painful. We accepted an offer with the understanding that our involvemewnt would be all wrapped up within a couple of days when the buyer would present one last piece of paper and the relocation company would acquire our house. In fact all sorts of things came up and the buyer did not actually provide that last piece of paper until today, more than a month after it was supposed to happen.

I thought about going into all the dirty details of what happened with regard to this, starting way back in January and going up to today… but I’m not going to. At this point I don’t care to rehash any of the stressful events of the last few months at all. All I care about is that it is over and we are done. And although it was nowhere near as much as we had initially hoped, we still walk away with a check and the selling price was more than we paid for the place (barely).

So… we are done. We are moved. We are now officially Bellevueites. And the stress of living on a significant month over month cash flow deficit should now also be over, and we’ll be able to start getting the debt paid off and start rebuilding the savings buffer which was almost completely depleted between the last employer never delivering on their promises and the transition of the last nine months.

Whew. Whew.

Of course, the hunt for a more perminant place to live than the tiny apartment we are in now also begins today…