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April 2007

Another Random Tripper

A few days ago I got a Google Alert on “Random Trip” and found Diamond Geezer who is slowly visiting all of the boroughs of London one at a time randomly and posting about them. I emailed him and pointed him at the random trips on my site. He mentioned me in one of his posts today and it seems to have just about doubled the traffic to my website from people (mostly from the UK) coming and chicking out my random trips. Here is his comment:

Random Tripping

Florida resident Sam Minter does random travel properly. He selects random global coordinates and then goes there on holiday (so long as the chosen spot is on land and flights there cost no more than $500). Which would explain how five years ago he ended up getting very muddy in a field just outside Aylesbury. Even I haven’t stooped to such levels, yet. But it’s an idea.

Since I last updated those trip pages (I really need to do that) I’ve of course moved from Florida, and I haven’t done a bona fide random trip in years (unfortunately). But it is still fun, and I will get back to it “soon” with the trip to Mexico. Really, I will!

I also find it amusing how every time someone from the UK finds out about my random trips, the reaction always includes something along the lines of “Aylesbury??? You went to Aylesbury? Why???”. :-)

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