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April 2007

A Trio Once More

I had been thinking of catching up on some blog posts today for a variety of things I’ve been meaning to post about. A ferry trip we did a few weeks ago. A post about how I reckon time. A post about a movie we saw. And maybe posting a few pictures that I liked. And maybe a graph of a certain something that went up almost 30% yesterday, which was pretty cool. But I am tired and not in the right mindset to spit out several posts in succession. So just one for tonight since at least one person asked…

About 6 hours ago Amy did indeed return from her field trip. She seems to have had a great time on her trip and she did all kinds of fun things. I won’t try to recount all of them. Apparently several of the children married otters, and one married a sea sponge. I am glad to say Amy was not one of those children. :-) In any case though, it seems to have been a great time. They did a lot. From sailing to hiking to cooking to camping to investigating the wildlife. It was a very full trip. Amy came home and almost immediately fell asleep on the couch.

Meanwhile, Brandy is practically jumping for joy to have Amy back in the house. She was climbing the walls and in a funk the whole time Amy was gone. So it is good to have Amy back and Brandy back to normal. Or as normal as she gets anyway. :-)

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