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May 2007

Many K’s

Yesterday I noticed that the Sitemeter counter on this site went over 100,000. Woo! Of course, I never did finish adding the counter to all the old pages on the site, and of course this site existed for many years before I added the counter… I added the counter about the same time I converted the front page into a blog. But hey, it is a number.

I shall take this opportunity to list what right now Sitemeter thinks are the top 10 search queries people find my site with:

#1) Nice Cleavage
#2) Stanley McChrystal
#3) Creepy Classics
#4) Binary Time
#5) Monster Bash
#6) Sad Panda
#7) Sad Pand
#8) Crowduck Lake
#9) Content Management Resume
#10) Sam Minter

Well, OK, a couple are amusing, but most are just normal.

Other interesting ones from further down the list:

* Chocula
* Southern Girls
* Pictures of Spaghetti
* Nuclear Bombs
* Lotsofmud
* Chicken Suit
* Vampire Sex
* Kinds of Skinks
* Average Wake Up Time
* Algae Eatin
* Wizard of Oz Sex Romp
* What to do when Garmin suction cup mount no longer sucks
* The Moo
* Stop No Please
* Rubber Duck Unintentional Experiment

OK, that’s enough for today.

3 comments to Many K’s

  • matt

    Kinda makes you wonder about the kinds of people that are actually searching on those phrases. I mean…I know I wouldn’t want to get stuck alone in an elevator with the “Chicken Suit” and “Wizard of Oz Sex Romp” guys…especially getting caught in the elevator with both of them at the same time.

  • chris

    I was thinking, ‘who in their right mind searches for “wizard of oz sex romp”‘ when I then thought of the sex-palaces in japan. That and ‘fan fiction’ which is a sad internet phenomenon… well, sad and scary.

  • Abulsme

    Of course, this requires me to post links to the pages on my site they got to with those two searches:

    Chicken Suit from 6 Jun 2005


    Book: Wicked from 31 May 2005

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