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AbulWiki is Back

I gave up on the blank screen on EC2 after plodding through some things for a bit, figuring that most likely it was a difference in configuration between the system there and my main system. I reinstalled mysql to a fresh directory on Cronus, then after “zapping gremlins” from the backup file was able to restore the database. I then had to go in and add permissions back to the relevant database user by hand. But then boom AbulWiki was back in business.


Perhaps I’ll still spend a little more time trying to get it to run on the EC2 instance. Or perhaps not. If I don’t by the end of this weekend I’ll just kill the instance. But it was a fun exercise anyway.

I’m also going to make a couple updates to how I do the daily mysql dump of the wiki. Namely, make it save the backups indefinitely with date based names rather than only keeping the last two days worth.

I think I’ll go set that up right now.

But WOO! I got it back. And seemingly with no data loss, which is always a good thing.

So now I can hear Brandy say “I told you so”. :-)


According to my calculations, Amy will be exactly 12 years old at 03:21 UTC today. That’s 4382.90639 days old. That moment is just over an hour from the moment I am posting this. Woo. Go Amy! Woo Woo!

And now we’re going to dinner out at one of the places she likes to eat along with one of her friends from school.

So off I go…