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January 2009

Very Very Late

Yes, I know, the podcast is very late, and I have posted almost nothing this week.

The podcast was recorded early on Monday (UTC), but my mom has been in town visiting, and while she was here she also decided to replace her five year old PowerBook with a new MacBook, so I spent a bunch of time getting that all set up. Normally that would be an easy Migration Assistant task, but there were a number of complications due to the fact that new MacBooks don’t have Firewire, her old computer was still on Panther, and her old computer’s hard drive was in bad shape with tons of disk errors… so it took a bit more work than it normally would.

Plus of course we’ve been going around seeing cousins who also live in the Seattle area and doing your normal sort of touristy stuff. Starting about 19 or 20 hours from now, I’ll be switching from visiting relative mode to taking a few days off to catch up on stuff at home mode, so I’ll get the podcast out shortly after that.

And then of course on the 20th I’ll be in 100% watching live news mode.

And then back to work on the 21st. :-)

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