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January 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama


I’m settled in downstairs. All the ex-presidents are now arriving. The last time you had a real transition was 8 years ago. They are always so exciting. No matter who is taking over from who. I’m all a-twitter.

I gave both Brandy and Amy a heads up that we were less than half an hour from the relevant bits of the ceremony starting to happen. I think Amy immediately went back to sleep. Brandy is up, but I’m not sure if she plans on coming down to watch.

But I wouldn’t miss this for anything. And yeah, I have a better view from here than I ever would have had in person. But it still would have been nice to go.

I’m thinking with less than 40 minutes to go it might be too late for me to change my mind and go. :-)

Two Hours

We’re just under the two hour mark now. At the moment I’m upstairs watching via Slingbox on the computer. In a little bit I’ll head downstairs and switch to the projector for a wall sized view.

I’d considered live-blogging, but decided against it. When the time comes, I’ll probably shut down the computer and just watch.

Everybody else is still asleep. Dunno if they will be up or awake before the actual inauguration. I’m the political junkie in this house, so I actually kind of doubt it. Neither seemed to have too much interest in watching.

The 44

(via The Monkey Cage)

Less Than Twelve Hours

Tick Tock… Tick Tock… Tick Tock…