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April 2009

DVD: Pulp Fiction

So, the last DVD scheduled was a Brandy movie, and it was Pulp Fiction from 1994. I’d seen it before. More than once I think. But not since a year or two after it came out. Brandy had never seen it. We started watching it over a month ago I think. We went maybe 40 minutes, then Brandy had had enough. We waited until the next week, then we kept going. Maybe another 30 minutes. Then that was enough. Then the third week, it just didn’t happen. Then the fourth. Brandy really really hated the movie. Did not want to sit down and watch the rest.

So last weekend I sat down, started over, and watched the whole thing straight through.

I actually kind of like Pulp Fiction. It isn’t super great, and I think it got a bit more hype than it deserved, but it was a funny movie. It was supposed to be a comedy, right? That’s really the only way it works for me, as a comedy. A bunch of it is just funny. Mostly one liner stuff, or some of the physical stuff.

They do of course do that mixed up timeline thing I generally hate. But it is screwed up enough it is actually fun to figure out what order things really happened, so that spins a few brain cycles. And then of course there is the whole “what is in the box” thing and similar bits of trying to interpret the “meaning” and symbolism in the movie. Blah. Whatever.

Some of the violence is a bit over the top, but that is part of what makes it funny.

Oh, and I love the soundtrack. Some great music in there.

Anyway, I liked it. Brandy couldn’t even finish it. Amy didn’t even try.

The end.