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April 2009

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Ivan Sings

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Data Woes
  • Curmudgeonly Corrections
  • Pirates
  • Photo Copyright
  • Hidden Agenda
  • Executive Decisions
  • Dead Cat Bounce
  • Bernie’s Pants

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We had another appointment Wednesday with the doctor. Everything is proceeding normally. Back in February we’d seen an ultrasound where you could see the heartbeat. In March there was an another ultrasound where we could clearly see the baby moving around doing stuff. But today was the first doctor visit that Amy came along to as well. And today was the first time we got to HEAR the heartbeat:

Amy burst into tears. Happy tears. Brandy and I had seen the other ultrasounds live (not just a still picture printout). But this was Amy’s first direct “contact” as it were. I think the little brother or sister who’ll be here in a few months just became “real” rather than an abstraction.

And yes, the pictures are something too… the last set in particular where we got to see something clearly baby shaped that was moving around and seemingly reacting to things really got to me, I left with a huge smile on my face that time… but there really is something unique about listening to the heartbeat as well.

And yeah, I got a bit choked up too as we were listening today. :-)

Taxes Done

All filed and paid electronically. Elapsed time 2 hours 43 minutes to get all my forms organized, fill everything out in TurboTax Online and to do the electronic filing. Not too horrible.

Could be better though. A lot was able to be sucked directly from my employer and financial institutions. But a lot could not be. There is no reason I see why it couldn’t be set up such that it COULD all be sucked in. In general, if ALL of your information comes from your employer and various financial institutions, I really fail to see why I should have to fill out anything at all. They could just figure it out and bill me or refund me as needed. I should only have to fill out stuff if I wanted to report something that wasn’t coming from those standard sources. And even then I should only have to fill out something describing that additional bit and they should figure out the rest by default, unless I chose to want to go through all the rest in the hopes of finding more for myself or whatnot. Oh well.

We ended up having to pay $229 on top of what was already deducted. Not too bad compared to some previous years.

Anyway. All done with that.

Oops… is today Tax Day?

I guess I should start doing my taxes then… just have to electronic file by midnight local time, right?

K. No Prob. :-)